What is this?

An always up-to-date repository of the latest Clover builds, built automatically with Clobber.

Latest Release

Previous Releases

  • v2.5k_r5088correction for the previous commit
  • v2.5k_r5087buildme: the default toolchain is GCC53, if not found XCODE8 will be used
  • v2.5k_r5086ignoring some temporary files
  • v2.5k_r5085Update for buildme following github changes
  • v2.5k_r5084apply source changes from git
  • v2.5k_r5083exclude unused SorceLen
  • v2.5k_r5082Update changes to build_rule.txt made in edk2 from 2019-02-14 through 2019-07-12
  • v2.5k_r5081sync sources with github
  • v2.5k_r5080Correct indentation of r5078
  • v2.5k_r5079Upgrade GCC to 9.2

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