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A build repository for fully automated Clover builds.

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add Coffelake types

Archived Releases

Link Changelog
v2.4k_r4934 add Coffelake types
v2.4k_r4933 fix typo and keep the latest efiversion by comparing clover and config
v2.4k_r4932 change gettext version to be explicit
v2.4k_r4931 update CoffeeLake data
v2.4k_r4930 update platformdata and iGPU info
v2.4k_r4929 remove unnecessary updates
v2.4k_r4928 allow shift key in search string
v2.4k_r4927 fix hdmi injection by RodionS
v2.4k_r4926 fix AMI UEFI BIOS mistake with Shell Edit command
v2.4k_r4925 prevent using s4bios sleep

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